Mindset Espresso #1 — One rule for life, focus, and running

Zdenek Lozias
2 min readJan 7, 2019

I like to start my day with a little cup of coffee — espresso. It makes my day better, wakes me up and fills me with energy.

And while I sit there, enjoying the taste of the roasted coffee beans, I tend to read/listen to something that widens my knowledge. So I decided to write something especially for occasions like this.

Think of this quick article as a small espresso shot for your brain.

Here are the three things I want to share with you every week:

  1. Something interesting I am currently reading
  2. Quote or thought that stuck with me
  3. Interesting app/product/service I am using

Let's get to it then.

1. Something I am currently reading

The One Rule For Life by Mark Manson

This 21-minute long article is about the guiding principle of life. Adopting it Something that's widely usable for relationships, work life, and life in general.

The principle is formed by Immanuel Kant, and it might be a bit difficult to understand, but Mark does a great job explaining it.
Read it on Mark's blog

2. Quote or thought that stuck with me

“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.” — James Clear

In 2018 I often focused on the short-term, and I felt bad for my current result. Instead of that, you should think about your current trajectory — the way you are going right now. And make adjustments, if necessary.

3. Interesting app/product/service I am using

Nike Run Club

I used to hate running. Every time I tried to start running, I ran too fast, got too tired and destroyed and then decided that's running is not for me.

On November 2018, I started again. This time, using the Nike Run Club app. I especially enjoyed the guided runs — having someone tell you what can you expect from the run, guide you through how fast you should be going and how to know when you are running too fast is priceless.

Give it a try, and you might start to enjoy running as well.

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That's it for today



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